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My name is Monique Stijnen and working as a beautician for 22 years. My salon welcomes both women and men, as well as all other gender identities (lgbt+) for hair removal based on sugar wax, and permanent hair removal with the newest innovation & technology;


My salon is an authorized LaserCollege institute for aesthetic laser treatments.

I work towards a professional but above all individual approach. Most important to me is to deliver the very best quality, even if it takes a little more effort than average!

To ensure this you can visit me by appointment only.

Come and experience it for yourself, regards Monique.

Monique Stijnen, schoonheidssalon Monique Le Chique

Powerful, more powerful ... most powerful,

we work with the latest innovations and technology, QUATRO - ultra power diode ICE laser,

the very latest technology in the field of ultra power laser hair removal;


The ìcold-cooled laser head provides nearly painless hair removal at very high power!

The ultra high energy up to 3500 watts coming out of the 15x30mm handpiece is powerful enough to reduce hair growth by 90% with fewer treatments. This powerful laser leaves other lasers with often no more than 600-720 watts far behind.

The Ice technology in the headpiece provides ice-cold cooling during the treatment. This cooling ensures that you will absorb the ultra-powerful laser beams without experiencing any discomfort.

The better the cooling, the stronger we can treat, the faster your results will be.

The 4 ultra powerful wavelengths combined create different layers of energy which destroys multiple types of hair in a single shot. This provides a much faster and better result per treatment compared to traditional diode laser equipment.

The Quatro- Ultra power diode ice laser works efficiently, quickly, painless,

hardly causes any discomfort and always provides

superior results!

Wax studio voor mannen, Monique Le Chique
Boyzilian, intiemwax mannen by Monique Le Chique
Brazilian wax mannen by Monique Le Chique


More and more men are taking better care of themselves. That a 21st century man pays attention to his appearance is not at all unusual. Consider, for example, a man who goes under the tanner. How many men don't do that these days? This while just a decade or so ago it was considered strange for men to go and "top up" their tan.
The market for men's cosmetics has grown significantly over the past ten years, not to mention the 'clandestine' use of products from the bathroom cabinets of sisters, girlfriends and mothers.
I strive for a professional but above all individual approach, therefore you will always get a private treatment!

Experience the best care in sugar waxing

Monique Le Chique is a Royx pro institute, so a trendsetter in sugar hair removal!

Sugar depilation of Royx pro is a gentle, safe and effective method to depilate all parts of the body with 100% natural products. Sugar paste is water dissolvable so no sticky residue on skin and clothing, also it is used at body temperature so no risk of burning!

Say goodbye to pain, ingrown hairs, irritations, and allergies. With sugar hair removal you enjoy a fantastic result, a silky smooth skin and on top of that it is pure Wellness.