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What to expect from the treatment

The latest technology with Ultra power Diode Laser hair removal works quickly and effectively. During each treatment, the hairs that are currently in the growth phase are destroyed. The diode power laser disrupts the growth pattern in the growth phase. Since not all hairs are in this phase at the same time, several treatments are necessary.

Already after the first treatments - which can take between 15 minutes and an hour you will notice a reduction in hair growth. For optimal results, we recommend about eight treatments for a permanent hair removal of up to 98%. Of course, you choose how many treatments you want. For our laser treatments, we recommend an annual maintenance treatment for best results!

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Powerful, more powerful ... most powerful,

We use the most powerful, newest and most effective laser innovation & technology in ultra power laser hair removal.

The ICE cold-cooled laser head at a very high power ensures a painless hair removal!


Verschil IPL en Laser ontharen


There are quite a few differences between IPL hair removal and DIODE ICE laser hair removal. Although an IPL is cheaper to purchase we at Monique Le Chique choose for DIODE ICE laser hair removal, this is done in a completely almost painless way. Hair removal with an IPL is known to be quite painful. In addition, hair removal with a diode laser can be done with any skin type. IPL hair removal can only be done on people with light skin and dark hair.


The DIODE ICE ultra power diode laser has a 4 wavelength output of 3500 watts on an area as large as 15x30 mm whick makes it one of the best Ultra Powerlasers, the most powerful diode laser of its kind. The lasers are designed for hair reduction on the face and body, but the device is versatile.

These 4 wavelengths come from the ice-cooled laser head to work in different hair depths for maximum range for permanent hair removal. The energy released from the power diode laser is absorbed by the melanin in the hair and the hair follicle, causing it to disappear after about 2 weeks. When the momentary release of heat penetrates deep into the hair pigment, the extremely cooled head ensures that the skin remains well protected.

There are further advantages of the ULTRA POWER DIODE ICE laser hair removal. The result is permanent: the hair stays gone. With IPL laser hair removal, the result is temporary: you are rid of your hair growth for a while, but after a while they come back, which is very annoying. On average, you will need six to eight treatments for a desired result with a diode laser. For a desired result with an IPL, this is often fifteen treatments, with no permanent result.

Before, during & after the laser treatment

-BEFORE the laser treatment:

  • Do not expose the treated area to sunlight for 2 weeks.

  • No epilation or waxing six weeks in advance, shaving is allowed.

  • 2 Weeks in advance stop using tanning boosters or self-tanners.

  • The area being treated should be wet shaved a day in advance by the client himself.

  • No Makeup and/or body lotion on the day of treatment.


-During the laser treatment:

A gel is applied for proper conduction. Both the client and the practitioner wear laser goggles as a precaution to protect the eyes. The duration of the treatment depends on the areas.


-AFTER the laser treatment:

After the treatment, the skin may become slightly sensitive and red. This is a momentary reactive reaction caused by the heat released by the laser at the hair follicle. The first week after the treatment no sunlight to the area depilated by the laser, if this is not possible use sunscreen with factor 50.

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